Flying Figs (to Japan)

Here we go again and I do not mean to sound ungrateful, but root washing 2500 Fig Trees this week, however small, is a tedious job in anyones book. Luckily, Cherry, Chrissy and my wife Debbie will do most of the wet bit and my job is to count, pack into boxes and speak nicely to the man from Defra doing the plant passport inspection.Counting is very important as wrong numbers will not be allowed,no long numbers ! All compost  has to come off leaving nothing but gleaming white roots, how the poor things survive is a miracle, mind you at least they do not Methyl Bromide them as happens to the ones we send ‘Down under’.

Lifting fruit trees is our other major task, many are grown in containers but all the soft fruit, currants and raspberries are grown in the ground , its just more economic.