Of Truffles and Men

The announcement recently that truffle production has dropped to a mere 25 tonnes should be quite astounding. Given that the price is €1000-1500  per kilo at the moment you would think every man and his hound (or truffle pig) would be out there hunting the little smelly things.

A short century ago the harvest was 1000 tonnes, quite a dramatic drop off . Now we have celebrity chefs using truffle oils and ‘shavings’ on all things edible – yet there are so few of them .Plantations are constantly receiving EU grants ( not available in the UK) to boost production .

Curious to say the least, you could speculate that there is some sculduggery going on, you could say I am very cynical.

So in the time honoured manner of joining those you cannot beat, and following several years of research into the soil analysis of Truffle plantations we will be offering our expertise to aid the reversal of this trend. Aiming to offer advice on site choice , production, types of tree and suitability to your area on a commercial basis.


Truffle Plantations Ltd



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