Reads Nursery on the Move,but not far !

A few alert people have spotted an article in Country Life this week, I was not expecting it just yet so I had not prepared a post or press release, but here is the gist of what is happening – I must say though my wife Debbie and I  very heartened by the comments of support we have received through the twitterfile.

My parents have decided to sell their house, and due to the nature of the surrounding buildings and site layout it is unfortunate but we have to sell our Barn and Wedding business also, plus the land Reads Nursery sits on. This will no doubt affect some of the plants we grow as all our orchards of mother trees are planted in and around the Barn and Nursery, plus- large glasshouses are not easily moved, but we aim to take as much of the nursery with us as we can.We are definitely NOT closing or selling the Nursery, we love growing trees and helping customers to achieve their aims in fruit growing.We have been growing our trees in peat free compost and using biological control for the last 20 years and will continue to do so on our new site. The best trees have a good healthy start in life,they crop earlier,with better flavour and have less disease and pest problems ‘ergo’ a happy customer.

Debbie and I are working on finding a new site for the Nursery which we hope to have running later this year.The range of fruit trees, Magnolia and soft fruit will continue as will the Fig trees and as much else as we can squeeze in .

Thanks to all for your support , any questions or what have you just ask ! -Oh yes  – Savills are the agents if anyone is feeling flush with spare readies!


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