The Secret Magnolia

The Magnolia has been a particular favourite tree of mine since I found a M.weiseneri in flower by accident, an intoxicating scent set in a deep 6″ bowl of creamy white with crimson stamens.Upward facing these beauties draw you in like a siren on a beach.

So when a nurseryman friend of mine decided to retire a few years ago I jumped at the offer of his advice to start growing these wonderful trees. I was very lucky, his knowledge, on tap so to speak,spans many years at famous nurseries such as Hilliers and Notcutts. A wealth of experience and a garden full of them !

We acquired propagation licences also from the Jury collection in New Zealand for cultivars like Magnolia ‘Felix Jury’ and Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’. and we also have some fantastic new cultivars in propagation for release in years to come.

Magnolia Black Tulip.

So now we are off, grafting these takes a year or two, so this year we are pleased to be able to offer the first trees from our own production.Lots of varieties are under way but these trees of distinction needed a special mention and a few pictures to tempt you.


Magnolia Felix Jury.



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