Grapevine prunings on the barbecue

Soon time to prune grapes (more on that later) -when you do, it can be a good idea to keep the prunings tied up in a bundle for next years barbecue.Yes, lay them on the charcoal 5 or 10 mins before cooking and the grape prunings will add flavour .


Citrus in the Autumn

As the light is now fading most citrus trees will slow and stop growing.Dormancy will start as the temperature sinks below 11c on a regular basis so beware of over watering.If you can, try to dry the plant out a little. Citrus are quite happy to sit in a cool conservatory with modest water, just keep the compost moist by watering well every few weeks – then leave the plant to -almost dry- do not be tempted to water little and often – it will kill the tree.

Feed is still important but with the temperature low, the roots cannot take up many nutrients so consider using a foliar feed such as Seasol; ‘Power feed’ , stupid name but it is a very good product. Citrus store food in the leaves for the winter and move it around as required which means pruning is not a good idea, leave that until spring.

Gro Lights can help if your lovely Lemon or Lime is living in a spare room, hang one above the tree. This can help prevent so called ‘winter leaf drop’, which is really the tree deciding that it can only support fewer leaves until the weather brightens up. Mist regularly if possible.

Any trees purchased from us have free ‘Advice for life”,ring us to chat through any problems or mail pics.

Rainy Saturdays

One of those sunny and rainy days that gets annoying very quickly, just as the tools are out of the shed it tips it down, by the time I get them put away – its bright sunshine Arrgh.

So indoor activities and surfing, then a tweet pointed me at this ;

A Taste Of The Unexpected by Mark Diacono  published by Quadrille

Read more:–exotic-Ill-grow-it.html#ixzz13C9tJVW7

Nice to see a different slant on things for a change.